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Individual Counselling

The parenthood journey is rich, filled with love so big it feels like your heart might burst and despair so intense, you wonder how you'll make it through the day. There are times when that despair feels like it's taking over and you find yourself filled with guilt, shame, self-doubt, anxiety and are left feeling unfulfilled. Counselling can help you make strategic changes that will have a big impact on reducing stress, finding energy and gaining clarity. Taking time for yourself to focus on who you are as a parent will help you make daily parenting decisions that will promote wellness for the whole family.

Parents and child

Parent Support Services

As children and families go through various stages, new behaviours can create new challenges. Knowing how to set appropriate limits while 

maintaining that close connection can be a real challenge. Changes to family structure through separation, divorce, loss or welcoming other family members into the home can change dynamics that affect your children. Add different parenting styles within the family, and tension can really increase. Counselling can help you gain practical tools, discover your parenting instinct, and find common ground as co-parents so you can confidently guide your children through their own journey.  

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